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Symphony Worship is a Collaboration of Christian Music team from Bethany Church Singapore & GBI City Tower Jakarta, under the leadership and pastorship of Ps. Djohan Handojo. The sole mission of Symphony Worship is to proclaim the love and the cross of Christ through deep worship songs that will result in the transformation of lives.
Symphony Worship is the new brand name of Symphony Music which in its time, was very popular in producing many great Christian Music albums, such as 'Bangkit & Bernyanyilah', 'S'bab Dia Baik', 'Masa Penuaian', 'Dia Sanggup', 'Kemuliaan Tuhan', and many others.
Through this first Album of Symphony Worship, let there be new songs that bring encouragement and deeper intimacy with our God, Jesus Christ.

May All the Glory & Honor belongs to Christ alone.‎